Chant Club — a music ensemble presenting Saṃskṛtam chants in call-and-response style.

Kaliji’s exquisite voice and harmonium accompaniment have brought chanting to the yoga world since the early days of yoga conferences in the USA. She is the founder of Chant Club and has performed in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, India, China, and South Korea. Kaliji was born into a musical family and began studying music at age 7. She has explored music throughout her life but her focus has remained on yoga. Kaliji met her voice teacher, Edward Sayegh of the Bel Canto vocal technique, many years ago and recently resumed her studies in Los Angeles. Having studied piano, Kaliji easily played harmonium when she began to lead Kirtana.

Kaliji is internationally renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga® which is taught in 40+ countries by more than 2000 certified teachers with 66 Centers.

Bernhard Beibl is a professional guitarist, session and recording artist, composer, and music producer from Vienna. As a rock guitarist he has toured with 7-time Grammy nominated band Tangerine Dream and performed with Brian May of Queen. He is a prolific songwriter with over 3,000 melodic compositions. He also produced music for the Austrian broadcasting corporation ORFBerni is an active, in-demand guitar teacher and the co-founder of He originally started on violin as a child and switched to guitar in his teens, graduating with distinction from the prestigious Joseph Haydn Conservatory where he studied jazz guitar with Gerald Gradwohl. Berni is also a dedicated student of TriYoga and is certified to teach through TriYoga Level 3.

Prasann Salkar, from Goa, India is recognized as a tabla genius. He has studied, practiced, and performed tabla for over 40 years. Born into a family with a long tradition of Indian classical music, Prasann was a child prodigy on tabla who at age 11 performed for Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in New Delhi. His tabla training included study with a trio of tabla maestros, and he has earned three university degrees in tabla. Beginning at age 20, he won a prestigious tabla competition in Bombay for three consecutive years. Today Prasann is an acclaimed solo and accompaniment tabla artist and has been a regular performer on All India Radio and Television since 1990.

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Chant Club Flow History

Kaliji was invited to teach TriYoga and offer Chant Club in Goa, India, and she requested the top tabla player. Kaliji and Prasann met prior to the performance. Prasann asked if any students would like to learn tabla, and he offered a lesson to Kaliji for the next morning. That evening Kaliji and Prasann played together and it was natural from the start…and the lesson the next day turned out to be the first of many to follow. Kaliji always loved the tabla sound and had found her teacher for the melodious rhythmic patterns. Kaliji has studied tabla for seven years with Prasann and is excited to play with this rhythm master.

Berni’s musical reputation preceded him, as Kaliji heard that a rock musician was taking TriYoga classes in Austria. By the time of their first meeting, when Berni attended Kaliji’s TriYoga program in Vienna, he was already a certified TriYoga teacher. Afterward, Berni commented that during kirtan Kaliji sounded like a rock singer. Kaliji is an avid rock singer and is often heard performing songs with a “yoga message” that bring excitement to the dance floor, and has always wished for a rock guitarist in the band. From the start, Kaliji and Berni have had a natural musical chemistry. Kaliji is thrilled to play with this master of melody.

In Europe, Chant Club emerged with Prasann on tabla and Berni on guitar, together with Kaliji on vocals and harmonium—representing the three Vedic celestial instruments of flute (prana), veena (melody), and mridangam (rhythm). They have played since then with great enthusiasm. They all feel that destiny brought them together.

What the fans say

As I listen I hear many different qualities in your voice and the music. Sometimes it sounds very rock-n-roll, other funky blues, sometimes it sounds beyond any genre.  It made me realize there is something in this sound for every person.  This music will meet you wherever you are.  Most powerful! ~ USA

Chant Club Music is a Spiritual Joy Ride…every time is unique…ALIVE MUSIC ~ USA

My niece (7) said, “Can we listen to this music Every Day? Let´s dance! “ ~ Sweden

Impossible to get enough of this sound! ~ USA

I LOVE IT!!! My mom and I listened to it non-stop on a three hour drive today…so GREAT!! Nothing else like it out there! ~ USA

Amazing!!! Wonderful, powerful, uplifting! ~ Austria

ADORE the CD !! I listen to the CD every morning as I drive to sunrise swimming. It stays with me -within -while I walk and swimWonderful energy! ~ USA

Love this CD! Awesome and so spirited. Lifts my mood always. ~ USA

This music ROCKS! It spirit lifting and transforming!!! Have been listening to it daily! Jai Chant Club!!! ~ USA

“GREAT MUSIC” ~ Switzerland

Yoga chanting like you’ve never heard before! A perfect way to celebrate World Music & Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice! ~ USA

transports me to timeless ~ USA

OMGGGGG!!!! The music and her vocals sent my soul to the depth of visualizing frequencies of various vibrant blue yellow and red… …In circles… ~ USA

Kaliji, Your Voice has certain power to heal the energy. TriYoga Rapping Is Flowing Rocking! ~ South Korea

The combination of Bern’s cool rock and Prasann’s classic tabla blend into a uniquely meditative and energizing sound: a experience that can transform and delight. ~ USA

Chant Club events are every time very special happy experience. Magical Kaliji’s  voice is calling the heart to sing, dance, feel and love. Melody and rhythm of the fantastic master band are merging   ancient chants into the  modern life. I am looking forward so much to the next chant club satsanga. ~ Austria

“Music expresses what cannot be said and whereof to remain silent is impossible.” I like Victor Hugo’s quote as witnessing Kaliji’s Chant Club is an experience, that is beyond verbal expression. It is the organic musical communication between the musicians that has the power to put one in one’s true light. This magical Trio with…

Kaliji’s voice is so unique that that words fall short to truly describe it. The way it sounds, flows and the energy that emanates from it! One way to experience Her voice is through Chant Club. Berni’s guitar and Prasanna’s tabla perfectly flow together with Kaliji’s voice! At the end of each chant mind is…

Chant Club is awesome! There is no faster or easier way To raise your spirits, calm your mind, And feel at peace. ~ USA

Singing, dancing … with TY chant club, Immerse into the music; Feeling the vibration of Anahata Cakra; Feeling oneness of self and universe… ~ China

Dance into Bliss!!! Yoga music for dancing, singing, soaring— Chant Club is the most unique, most energizing music to sing along or listen in joyful meditation. ~ USA

Chant Club is my favorite band! All of the performers are exquisite musicians, and the music is uplifting, energizing, and flows beautifully. And I always want to dance! 🙂 ~ USA

CHANT CLUB takes me back in time with it’s ancient Ragas, and at the same time brings in the element of rock guitar. So danceable, and HIGH VIBE ENERGY. Love their blend of vocals, guitar, and Tabla. Perfect combo for an electric experience. ~ USA

CHANT CLUB ROCKS!!! I love to dance and this band moves me!!! ~ USA

CHANT CLUB perfectly blends ancient Ragas, chants, & Tabla with the electric guitar and Kaliji’s powerful voice. All a combination for dance, singing, and meditation. My favorite Chant band ever!!! ~ USA

To conclude a long day on a yoga retreat, I cannot imagine anything more blissful than coming together singing and dancing with Yogini Kaliji in our amazing Chant Club. ~ Germany

Powerful, yet subtle Joyful, yet profound KALIJI’s voice is the magic carpet Taking us to higher levels of experience. ~ USA

Chanting the classic Sanskrit mantras, and the music of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji we are taken on an inner Journey… ~ USA

KALIJI’s peaceful, yet vibrant energy is joyfully transmitted through the mystical vibrations of her voice. ~ USA

Chant Club makes my meditation the most joyful journey. I deeply enjoy to sit with eyes closed and be welcomed deep inside with their powerful and soothing sound. Listening to Chant Club is always a de-LIGHT-ful experience. ~ USA

Chant Club is a real music treat. It is where East and West find its perfect blend. Their music evokes every positive emotion: joyful and energetic from first notes, upbeat, melodious and soulful, taking me into most delightful dancing and so inviting to sing along. In the end, leaving the mind so calm and expansive.…

I never thought that Sanskrit mantras can be chanted in such a upbeat and soulful way till I heard Chant Club. Their chanting is a lullaby for my busy mind… From the first song I am taken to the most peaceful and joyful place inside. They are the unique blend of the most beautiful and…

No music has ever touched me as deeply as Chant Club has. This magical band was my introduction to the path of Nada, the Sacred Sound. ~ USA