Yogis in the sky is the best album ever ?. The world, The Rob, has been waiting for this album. It’s perfect. Thank you for making this album. I hear your voice on this album and I’m drawn into a wonderful state. You’re like a human tuning fork, helping people find their vibe. I now have Chant Club in my pocket.?
~ Oregon, US

Listening to your music, it is mesmerizing.   Love the rhythmic feel!  You have produced a winner!  I feel it is somewhat addictive!  When you are singing I detect the feeling  of peace and love.  It emits a calmness.


I love it! Excellent production. I feel like I am with you live.

~ Boston, USA

I have listened it! Marvelous.

~ Calcutta, India

This is best chanting album that has ever existed.  Since Chants of India 1997 by Ravi Shankar.  But Yours feels much stronger for me personally.

~ Bali, Indonesia

I received a copy of your beautiful chants. I love it. It captures the bhakti sangeet vibration so beautifully.
How wonderful to hear you singing again. The quality of production is awesome. My heartiest congratulations. Jai Sarasvati. Ashwin and family.



I am wanting to congratulate Kaliji and Chant Club band on the release of an amazing Yogi’s in the Sky CD. Great organic sound quality and production. ??? It has been long awaited and I so happy to be able to put it on and rock out.


Chant Club CD arrived…Oh my!!!! What a divine voice…gives me strength??


Devotion, love, joy
when listening to new CD
Yogis in the Sky

Quote From Sri Swamiji—
Devotion expresses through sankeertan and sankeertan culminates in devotion. The emotions hidden in the heart manifest as sankeertan. Emotion is predominant here and it inspires the soul. Both body and mind also get sustained, refreshed and invigorated through sankeertan.