Devotion, love, joy
when listening to new CD
Yogis in the Sky

Quote From Sri Swamiji—
Devotion expresses through sankeertan and sankeertan culminates in devotion. The emotions hidden in the heart manifest as sankeertan. Emotion is predominant here and it inspires the soul. Both body and mind also get sustained, refreshed and invigorated through sankeertan.


The CD arrived yesterday and it has been successfully downloaded onto my laptop. I am listening to it now. Your voice, the instrumentals and Chant Club Choir are sublime. I am hearing pronunciations like never before and though I do not know exactly why, my nasal passages have cleared and mind feels refreshed. It must be good!  Big smile.  Thank you, Prasann Salkar and Bernhard Beibl for making and producing Yogis in the Sky!  LOVE you  ~ USA 

The music and her vocals sent my soul to the depth of visualizing frequencies of
various vibrant blue yellow and red…
…In circles…????

Your Voice has certain power to heal the energy.
TriYoga Rapping Is Flowing Rocking!

~ South Korea

The combination of Bern’s cool rock and Prasann’s classic tabla blend into a uniquely meditative and energizing sound: a experience that can transform and delight.


Chant Club events are every time very special happy experience. Magical Kaliji’s  voice is calling the heart to sing, dance, feel and love. Melody and rhythm of the fantastic master band are merging   ancient chants into the  modern life. I am looking forward so much to the next chant club satsanga.
~ Austria

“Music expresses what cannot be said and whereof to remain silent is impossible.” I like Victor Hugo’s quote as witnessing Kaliji’s Chant Club is an experience, that is beyond verbal expression. It is the organic musical communication between the musicians that has the power to put one in one’s true light. This magical Trio with Kaliji’s extraordinary celestial voice combines emotional denseness, skilled finesse and brilliant artistry. As soon as the first note sounds one is already right in the middle of a flight through dimensions. Difficult to say exactly where to. But a destination is not needed. No matter if sitting, dancing, chanting or just listening one is carried away and time elapses very slowly.

~ Germany

Kaliji’s voice is so unique that that words fall short to truly describe it. The way it sounds, flows and the energy that emanates from it! One way to experience Her voice is through Chant Club. Berni’s guitar and Prasanna’s tabla perfectly flow together with Kaliji’s voice! At the end of each chant mind is left complete speechless.


Chant Club is awesome!
There is no faster or easier way
To raise your spirits, calm your mind,
And feel at peace.


Singing, dancing … with TY chant club,
Immerse into the music;
Feeling the vibration of Anahata Cakra;
Feeling oneness of self and universe…

~ China