Chant Club is a real music treat. It is where East and West find its perfect blend. Their music evokes every positive emotion: joyful and energetic from first notes, upbeat, melodious and soulful, taking me into most delightful dancing and so inviting to sing along. In the end, leaving the mind so calm and expansive.

~ Russia

I never thought that Sanskrit mantras can be chanted in such a upbeat and soulful way till I heard Chant Club. Their chanting is a lullaby for my busy mind… From the first song I am taken to the most peaceful and joyful place inside. They are the unique blend of the most beautiful and powerful vocals, energetic guitar and melodious tabla… Chant Club is my favorite band!

~ Russia

No music has ever touched me as deeply as Chant Club has. This magical band was my introduction to the path of Nada, the Sacred Sound.